My original goal was to get on the right track with making muscle gains and working on my biggest weaknesses with weight lifting, including lower body, back, pecs, and just organizing my workouts in general. However, I also made a new goal as I gained knowledge and made progress throughout our sessions; working out consistently throughout each week. Each time I have tried to regularly work out long term, I eventually lose confidence in my progress due to my lack of knowledge about proper form and number of reps, fear of maxing out, or being unable to put in the effort to finish my workouts. Now I know, after feeling soreness after each grueling but rewarding session, what it takes to make real progress. With a well-crafted diet and specific workout instructions made by you, I was able to take my goals more seriously outside of the gym now that I have the tools to direct my lifestyle toward my goals, if that makes sense. Whenever I had questions, especially concerning my workout plan outside our sessions, they were answered in specific detail once I sent you a message. For your short run as a trainer so far, I was very surprised of your diverse range of clients and your high competence and knowledge of exercise, ranging from lifting, dieting, aerobics, resting your body, and inspiring confidence through encouragement.

On average, we had three sessions each week, while I worked out on my own time either twice or three times throughout the week with my workout instructions you emailed. Our plan was 25, one hour-long workout sessions. My weight started at around 145, and eventually shot up to 158 within only a month. I didn’t realize how much diet effects results until I noticed the muscle gains once I went on board with the calorie intake. Overall, seeing the gradual changes in my body within such a short amount of time, (widening/filling of pecs, crafted back, thicker thighs/glutes, more defined abs) from our sessions proved to me that with a competent trainer combined with your own determination and willingness to listen, you can make great results and improvement. If I stray from my goals after finishing my sessions, I plan on going back to VinReady Fitness first.

Joe Mewborn