ACE Certified Personal Trainer


Meeting the standard accepted by the leaders in the healthcare industry

American Alliance Yoga Certification

Yoga instruction

Meeting the 200 hours of internationally recognized credentialing system

Certified TRX Suspension Trainer

A performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user’s upper body

Bachelor of Arts, Kinesiology

The study of the art and science of human movement


This company began in one of the darker portions of my life; after the passing of my good friend and coworker Vaughn Evans.  Being his fitness adviser he told me about the hardships of his life and how much he was struggling in his current situation yet you would never know because of the smile he always wore on his face.  He was great man and always seemed to make the energy of the room come alive the second he walked in. Despite his blissful happiness he was a severely unhealthy individual.  As we progressed in our workouts over the months he was doing very well and was fully dedicated both in the gym and in his diet.  Viewing his growth and how much I was impacting him through my instruction inspired me more each workout that we did together.  Working in a gym where I was allowed to give people 30 minutes and hold a clipboard with all of their ‘results’ began to feel very artificial and I wanted more.  Before his passing and through our friendship I saw the potential in his fitness journey and he saw the potential I am now utilizing in my business.  At VRF we are not just your trainer, we are your friend, your guide into the unknown capabilities of your body, and answer to finally master your mind. “VinReady will make you realize you’ve been ready!”


Born as the son of an artist I have always been intrigued with the artistic motions that the body goes through on a daily basis and wanted to master its development. As I went through my studies in school and learned the ‘hardwiring’ of the body I developed my own sense of understanding through my workouts and training sessions with my clients. I personally was captivated by the knowledge I was absorbing and wanted to know every bit of it, but the majority of clients just wanted results; the problem I was seeing was they wanted results without connecting with their bodies. As I learned more and began my own practice of yoga in the earlier part of 2015 I found the connection many people are missing, that sense of centered balance in the mind and body. With every program that I write and training session that I conduct, I incorporate movements and restorative yoga techniques unique to your body and needs.


I was fascinated by the power of the body during sports and weight lifting and I began to develop a desire to learn much more about the body and its mechanics. As I grew and my knowledge expanded while obtaining my BA, in Kinesiology at California State University Chico I developed a deeper understanding of the kinetic movements of the body as well as learning more about anatomy and physiology. While a sophomore I discovered my passion and over that year’s summer break I obtained my Personal Trainer certification though the American Council of Exercise and I began my journey of training. My pursuit continued and is forever continuous; I currently hold a certification in TRX Suspension training and am recognized as a certified Yoga Instructor by The Yoga Alliance.


One of my favorite motivational speeches is from Eric Thomas when he said, “you will only reach success when you want is as bad as you want to breathe.” I found these words very powerful because this translated into my consistent work ethic with my training and my development of a strong mentality. Whatever goals you sign up to reach whether it be weight loss, weight gain, strength advancement, or a stronger mindset, they all take dedication, consistency and discipline. It sounds like a difficult lifestyle to adopt but as you continue to grow you will learn to appreciate the process and fall in love with your growth. The hardest step is the first step, except every day is an entirely new journey. This being said, every day you are reborn a better, stronger, and more resilient version of yourself.

“VinReady will make you realize you’ve been ready!”

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